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IT400: Remote Rate Indicator / Totalizer



The new Sponsler IT400 Rate Indicator / Totalizer combines supersedes all other instrumentation in customer usability, performance, and cost. The Sponsler IT400 thrives on programming simplicity with push button menus and a rotary switch to control numerical displays. With a lightning fast refresh rate, the Sponsler IT400 can have separate unit displays for rate indication and totalization, temperature compensation, and 20 point linearization.

While the Sponsler IT400 accepts signal input via modulated carrier or a 50mV-36V sine / square wave, the flexibility of the power input accommodates an internal D Lithium battery, an external, reverse polarity protected 5 to 35 VDC, or 4-20mA loop. Including features such as auto range capabilities for decimal placement, magnetically activated backlighting, and a dual segment low-battery warning, the Sponsler IT400 is even smart enough to alert you of maintenance needs, notify you when the range of rate is over/under limit indications, and, if activated, inhibit totalization during alarms. The Sponsler IT400 is more cost effective by providing an "a la carte" selection of features that maybe ordered to customize the unit to your specific needs.

Exemplifying the best features of rate indicators and totalizers in the industry, the Sponsler IT400 surpasses the expectations for all liquid and gas applications by providing a Rate Indicator / Totalizer specialized to meet your specific needs in a single unit.

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