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IT400: Remote Rate Indicator / Totalizer


IT400: Remote Rate Indicator and Totalizer




  • Battery Powered (other power sources available)

  • Temperature Compensation

  • 20 pt. Linearization

  • Independent Rate Indication / Totalization Engineering Units

  • Multi-Meter Functions to Read Battery Voltage, RTD, Frequency, and Simulate 4-20 mA

  • High / Low Alarms

  • Backlight

  • Pictures:

IT400 w/ Flanged Flowmeter

IT400 w/
NPT Flowmeter
IT400 w/ 3A Sanitary Flowmeter
  • Literature and Manuals:

IT400 brochure

Manual version:
IT400 manual R0

IT400 manual R1
IT400 manual R2a
IT400 manual R2b
IT400 manual R2c

Covers SW Release:
1.00 - 1.01
1.02 - 1.03
1.10 - 1.14
1.15 -


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